Mel is an artist based in Brighton, UK and works predominantly in collage and mixed media.
Having travelled extensively, she takes inspiration from the many places she has seen and thoroughly enjoys working with maps and identifiable images. Mel has combined her creative and artistic skills with her love of travel and finds working with maps and landmarks intriguing as they can induce feelings of nostalgia for the places you have been or excitement for the places you will discover.
Mel hopes to achieve works of art, which give a sense of belonging, where people are instantly taken back to somewhere or someone and recall great memories of that person or place.
Mel has exhibited in London and Brighton, she is an Official Licencee of Royal Mail and has the support of The Lord Chamberlains Office which allows her to work with the stamps and royal images.
All original work is handmade and hand cut, professionally photographed and all prints are produced at the highest quality.
Mel is actively involved in the printing process and her printer is accredited to The Fine Art Trade Guild.
The Limited Editions, of either 50 or 75, and in two sizes (please see each individual piece for edition number) and both Open Editions, are Giclee printed on the best quality, Fine Art paper.
Each Limited Edition print comes with a signed, stamped Certificate of Authenticity.
Please read about the creative process on the 'Create' page.

Commissions are also welcome.
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